Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am once again looking at the computer screen and noticing the time. I am doing what I have done countless times before today with a near reckless abandon in lieu of the fact that I do have to wake up in the morning. That has not changed. I steal this time from the land of dreams regardless of the inevitable consequences. I always have something to say; yet train my internal monologue to seep out in controlled deposits. I love writing; and that has not changed.

Situations change. Jobs come and go. Right now, the job I had has gone on hiatus. That hiatus may end...or it may not. I look for work. I work on my resume. I put the word out in my circles that I am on the hunt for a weekly paycheck and a return to the full-throttle life that I have become accustomed to living. I have been forced to change; and therefore re-evaluate what I want and who I am in the interim. I'm sure that sounds familiar to millions of people in the world today. I am not alone; though the pothole of self-pity tries to suck me in and believe that a job loss devalues me. Work is important. I'm one of those folks that like working.

Ultimately, the changes that come will be filtered through the perceptions that I choose to hold on to in the midst of maleable circumstance. I think I will do better to keep an eye out for the potholes and head for the higher ground at the same time. Opportunity will come for me to use what talents I have to hopefully be a blessing. How many changes will sneak up on me in the future? I am thankful that I am not presently aware of them all; as that knowledge would probably not benefit my mental health. I don't need to know all that will happen five years from now. I have my hands full with today.

Chin up, faith intact, and moving onward; I will meet these changes with a confident mantle. Each day is fresh and will offer new changes to help replace the older ones. It's always something; and these little pep-talks will need to be repeated with each dawn. At this rate, I don't think this day's daybreak will engender an immediate pep-talk. Prayer will be in order in order for me to make it over to the pep-talk station. In that spirit; I shall bid you goodnight.

Cup o'joy
and a fresh taste of the bread of heaven to you...


Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Crown of Age

Recently, I have gone through the experience of having another birthday. I won't go into detail with regards to how many candles might have been placed on my cake; but I will say that I insist on only one to save the fire department grief in the process. Philosophy has decided to roost in my spirit as a result of spending a few too many minutes pondering the past year. In order to break the gaze I had going on my navel; I reminded myself of what I think is most important.

Gray hair happens. Life happens. Friends move on and leave us lonely for a while in the wake of their departure. New challenges present themselves that look a whole lot like the mountain that just began to fade behind me. I am not quite sure that I have caught my breath yet. I am older, but am I wiser for the year added to my life? I can imagine that someone out there is thinking that I need to get over myself and just move on.

In a way, I agree. I do not live under oppressive government controls; I am not in prison or breathing my last few breaths in a hospital. I have children and they are healthy. The Lord takes care of me in ways that I'm sure I cannot fathom. In short, you may wonder what I am complaining about. That is a valid question.

My guess is that I am longing to be who I was created to be; and seeing all too well that my warts and ingrown energies are, of course, failing to protect me from life's bumps and bruises. What do I think I can accomplish by being angry that I cannot reach that perfect place where all of my challenges are resolved? I feel like a brat; demanding of heaven what my shortsighted vision sees as imperative to my happiness.

I pray that His joy once again overtakes my arid spirit and renews my vision and will to follow after that more excellent way that Christ spoke of in the gospels. I want to dance like David danced. I long to discern and go after that still small voice that beckons me to the paths of life.

My hunger draws me onward; towards re-evalutation, towards a necessary repentance of what I know better than to do, and a renewed sense of direction on a daily basis. My consolation lies in the assurance that He is faithful; and that He is waiting to guide me back to where He would have me be.

I will close with one of my grandmother's favorite scripture verses.In Psalm 19:14 "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." I pray that my heart and my mouth will be transformed by the time that the candles are blown out on my birthday cake next year.

Cup o' joy
and a fresh taste of the bread of heaven...


Monday, January 5, 2009

Just A Word?

I have been thinking about the impact that words have. They flood our ears and manipulate our emotions. The right word at the right time can be an almost magical entity; whereas cutting phrases aimed with razor sharp precision wound so many of us. I cannot buy into the thought that words are just words. I am a writer and that may have something to do with it; but there is more at stake than that. Words have power.

Scriptures say much about our use of words. The book of Genesis talks about how God spoke and creation came into being. Believers are encouraged, exhorted, and warned about the use and misuse of speech in everyday life. The way that we use words matters to God and to others around us. It makes a difference when we use speech to encourage each other instead of throwing insults to buffer our pride. It makes a difference when we pray for the irritating people that we live with in our daily lives.

I will be continuing this theme in the next few posts. I will share what I believe that Scripture has to say about the matter. His words are life to us. In light of that truth;I pray that the Lord blesses my efforts at relaying what I believe He has laid on my heart. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cup o'joy
and a fresh taste of the bread of heaven to you...


Sunday, December 28, 2008

December Fades

Short days
follow crisp winds;
reflections on the soul's waters
bring shadows of memory,
lights of discovery,
and clarified goals...
December fades into the winter paths
of January...
leaving behind the celebration
of the Christmas glory.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sacrifice of Praise

I was thinking about those verses in the Scriptures that speak of the act of praising God. Offering up a sacrifice of praise seems to invite the Spirit of God into our circumstance. My meager understanding was enough to pull a few words out of my spirit and through the keyboard of the computer. May He bring you to a place of praise for your benefit as well as for His glory.

The sacrifice of praise
arose from the ashes;
scenting the offering's remnants.
Joy had come in the morning;
growing from the bile grown in
the gardens of self-seeking...
Act of will and sound of weeping
coming together to offer
the sacrifice of praise
until the emotion caught up
with the act of faith.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'm learning,
enjoying the view...
knowing that I can depend
upon the strength of your tender mercies...

I'm rejoicing in sorrows;
releasing my burdens into the hands
of One who knows that my frame is...dust...

You've known my ways
and see past the blinders I cling to;
even when I run into walls
by refusing to take them off...

You've treasured my voice
as I've come before you in pained entreaty...
drawing me to Your heart
as I look for Your face in the melee of circumstance.

You've held me close
and listened patiently
as myopia shaded Your hand from my view...
knowing that I would be rewarded for
my longing for Your truth to be made known to me...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Psalm 19:1

"The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork."

I've taken it to heart to study the clouds as of late. The crisp edges and the darker corners of these vaporous formations enthrall me. They rise up to the heavens; bringing our gaze upwards towards the One who created thm as a nartural part of human existence.

Clouds have been instruments of divine guidance(way back in Genesis), rorschach tests between human psyche unwilling to leak the contents of their soul to mortal agents, and wonderful distractions. The unreachable canvas of the sky holds its' majestic inhabitants in parading costume. They are not usually controlled by human interventions(i.e. cloud seeding).

I imagine while I am watching the clouds that God has an extrordinary sense of beauty and its' importance to the human psyche. I can further imagine that their temporal beauty is only outdone by the eternal beauty that rests beyond our sight. I cannot imagine the beauty of heaven. Mercy does not permit me to gaze upon realms of glory while my body is still among the material of earth. Watching the clouds gives me a miniscule taste of that glory; and for the moment I am satisfied.

Enjoy the clouds and linger to send up a prayer for His presence in your life. Mentally send your concerns on the air in the middle of those vaporous creations; allowing His hand to reach where mortal reasoning cannot...

...and then have a cup o'joy
and a fresh taste of the bread of heaven...